Paleo Cookbook Review

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If You Are Interested In Buying “The Paleo Cookbook” Then This Is The Most Important Page You’ll Ever See… Keep Reading!

New Paleo Cookbooks

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Product: The Paleo Cookbooks


Rating:5 Stars

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Return Policy: 3 Month Money Back Guarantee

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After reading about the Paleo diet online we decided to check if the books would live up to all of the hype or if it was just another scam.

What is The Paleo Diet Cookbook?
The Paleo Diet cookbook is collection of recipes based on natural healthy foods that have been eaten for thousands of years. The new second edition Paleo cookbooks are the latest release from the successful cookbook author Nikki Young.

What’s Inside The Paleo Cookbooks?
The 2 new cookbooks “Paleo eating for modern people” and “Recipes for the 21st century hunter gatherer” contain together over 300 healthy recipes. The recipes are divided into 13 categories of Meat, Fish and Seafood, Chicken, Foccacias (oven-baked Italian bread), Soups, Salads, Omelets, Sandwiches, Noodles, Breakfast, Snacks, Desserts, and chocolate. The recipes are all dairy/gluten free and also suitable for people with coeliac disease or gluten intolerance.

Who will benefit from The Paleo Cookbook?
Anyone who is looking to loss weight, increase their energy levels, have clearer, smoother skin or someone who is generally looking for healthy eating recipes.

What is Included?
Both of the new 2nd edition cookbooks:-

  • Paleo eating for modern people
  • Recipes for the 21st century hunter gatherer

Plus as a bonus a one month complete meal plan made up of 125 of the recipes and included a second bonus the original 1st edition cookbooks.

The Good (Pros)
The Step by step instructions makes cooking the meals simple. Many of the recipes can be created quickly and easily, and if followed the diet can give good results. The one month meal plan helps beginners to try many different recipes and the current half price offer makes the books much more affordable.

The Bad (Cons)
Although you get the books instantly by downloading them to your computer, some people may not always find ebooks or documents in the PDF format to be the best medium to use when cooking. However I found it easy to search for a specific menus and I then just printed out the parts I needed.

The Bottom Line
If you are looking to start the Paleo Diet or are just searching for healthy recipes then in our opinion you cannot go wrong by getting this cookbook. We have given the book a full 5 stars and recommend it.

By following the diet people can enjoy a number of health benefits including weight loss, increased energy levels, smoother and clearer skin.

A full 3 month money back guarantee means the recipes can be tried risk free.

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Barbecue Tips for Healthy Cooking

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Before announcing a barbecue party or cook-out you will do well to master the fine art of barbecuing:

Learn how to build up a fire, and how to maintain and control the heat. Do some research to get some healthy cooking recipes.

Learn by experience, the approximate time for cooking various foods and the amount of food that can be cooked in a reasonable time.


Some foods take longer to cook than others and you should plan the order in which to add food to the grill. If done correctly all of the food will be cooked through and ready to be served at the same time.

Start by cooking the foods that will take the longest to cook like chicken or steaks, then after the appropriate amount of time add sausages or burgers and last to go on the grill is fast cooking foods like spicy prawns.

If you want to be known as the king of the barbecue make sure to try out a number of healthy cooking recipes before hand to find some food that can become your signature dish, if you can make it work for your barbecue, news of your success will spread and you and your barbie will become legendary.

It will help if you can prepare the food in advance. Set it out on a table next to the barbecue with several pairs of tongs for turning and lifting out the grilled food. Trim off as much fat as you can before grilling, as the fat will drip on to the coals and cause flare-ups

For the real wow factor marinate the meats and poultry before grilling. As well as brushing on additional marinades as the meat is cooking. For extra aroma throw sprigs of thyme and/or rosemary on the coals. Baked potatoes are best pre cooked in the oven and wrapped in tin foil so that they only need to be warmed up by the coals. Likewise garlic bread wrapped in tin foil only needs to be placed at the edges of the grill where the heat is not so intense. This will allow the bread to gently cook.

When I do out-door cooking at home, I find that my hand made kebabs are probably the most popular: small pieces of marinated meat or chicken that are threaded on 6 inch to 12 inch long metal skewers with either a vegetable or fruit added to each.

I also recommend doing oak or hickory smoking. Place a number of small chips of oak or hickory wood into a cup and fill the cup with cold water. Allow the wood to soak for 20 – 30 minutes.

Once the food is nearly ready to be served drain off the access water from the cup throw the wet wood chips onto the barbecue and close the lid. This will create a large plum of smoke that when trapped by the lid with add additional flavour to the meats.

Healthy cooking at its best – all you need now is a bit of practice and some sunshine.

Paleo Cookbooks Review

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Recently I read a Paleo Cookbook review that explained all the about the hunter gather or caveman (Palaeolithic) way of living. I’ll share with you my thoughts about the book later but first here is some information about some of the benefits of the eating a Paleo diet and how the books came into being.

In a nutshell the Paleo diet is basically eating the best natural healthy foods available and avoiding processed foods and a couple of other modern food stuffs that are known to be bad for your health.

It turns out that our ancestors the caveman may have been on to something and we could all learn a great deal from them about how to eat well and keep fit and healthy.

If you go back in time a few millions years just eating was hard work, you could not just make a call and wait for your food to be delivered or take a vacuum packed TV dinner out of the freezer. Back then everything was either collected or eaten fresh this meant daily picking of berries and nuts by hand, and if you wanted a T-bone steak it would mean travelling many miles, a dangerous hunt and then a long walk home again all without a guarantee of success.

Millions of years of evolution has made humans stronger, faster and more able to adapt, yet this year we will again have record numbers of people who are over weight or obese and we all see more and more people dying of unhealthy diseases.


Cavemen were healthy!

The Paleo cookbook review recommended changing our eating habits back to being more like our healthy forefathers. Don’t worry you won’t need to learn how to track down and catch your next meal, it’s simply learning how to cook with good fresh ingredients.

I am always sceptical when someone who I do not know well recommends something to me and the Paleo Cookbook was like this, that’s why I was so interested to learn more about the diet. Once I understood that eating healthy paleo food was not some new fad diet but something that is based on how the human body had stayed fit and healthy for millions of years, then it was a simple decision for me and I got the book.

I began to try some of the meals and was surprised at how tasty some of the dishes are.

Today the supermarkets make our gathering much easier and we don’t need to grow our own nuts and berries. Plus at my age I would like to think that my dinosaur chasing days are long over, but we can still hunt down that fresh fish or piece of meat rather than settling for something that’s been frozen in a box for months.

It is a little too early for me to declare that I will stick completely to the Paleo diet as I have yet to try most of the recipes. However at the moment I am starting to see some positive results and I think some of the meals taste really great. I will report back here once I have had a chance to eat this way for a while longer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one!

Healthy Cooking Recipes

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The cookbook business has many thousands of people searching the internet every month for new healthy cooking recipes, the next low carb cookbooks, or recipes that are good for your blood pressure, the list goes on.

In fact anything that is healthy is now being searched for with a passion by people on the internet.

The health business itself is one of the biggest industries in the world. It’s gotten so big that it’s probably unfair to actually call it a niche anymore.

Just go into any shopping mall and you can see plenty of walking examples of what happens when you decide not to eat healthily.

Our population has gone from being generally healthy to being generally unhealthy in just a couple of decades. Do you think that it is a coincidence that in the same time our supermarkets have seen an explosion of convenience foods?

Do you know anyone who is unhealthy? Do you know someone who has had a heart attack?

We all understand that to stay fit and healthy we should be cooking and eating healthy food.
We all know what happens when we eat jelly doughnuts when we should be eating fruit.

We already know what food is good for us and if we thought long enough I’m sure that we could all come up with our own healthy cooking recipes.

The problem we have is we are all busy. We all could do with more time, and convenience food just seems to make sense.

But we also understand that most convenience foods are not good for our health… and still we continue to eat them.

To make a drastic change to your life and suddenly start preparing and eating healthy meals all the time would be extremely difficult for even the most disciplined of people.

How about easing yourself gently into healthy cooking by deciding to just eat one healthy meal per week.

Forget about adding up the RDI or Recommended Daily Intake for nutrients on all the packet food or trying to find a healthy TV dinner.

Get a book of healthy cooking recipes, buy some fresh quality food then cook it how it is supposed to be cooked.

You may be surprised how good real food tastes. I found myself a new favorite meal this way.

It’s time to start eating better. It’s time to start eating fresh and healthy food.

Paleo Cookbook – An Introduction

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The original Paleo Cookbook started with a study of the healthy food that was eaten by our ancestors the cavemen.

Back in Palaeolithic times or more commonly known as the Stone Age our forefathers lived without e numbers, food colorants MSG and many of the other mysterious ingredients that we all see listed on the back of food packets today.

Nikky Young began with a list that contained all of the good food that has been eaten for millions of years by the hunter gatherers, but none of the “not so good for you food extra’s” She then set about creating wonderful meals based on the good food.

The book title was shortened from Palaeolithic cookbook to Paleo Cookbook and is a collection of the very best of these mouth wateringly tasty meals.

Not only do her meals taste great but because they are made only out of the right food they are actually good for your health.

The second and updated edition of Paleo Cookbook by Nikki Young is even better that the first and widely regarded as one of the best healthy cookbooks available online today.

It is jam packed full with healthy cooking recipes that taste great. To make the cooking experience even more enjoyable each recipe is accompanied by pictures and a number of little known tips and techniques.

Not only will you get health benefits from the food but you also get the feel good factor knowing you are avoiding some of the nastiest things that are hidden in our processed food today.

With over 300 tasty recipes to choose from you can cater every taste and even the fussiest of eaters can join in at the feast. Plus the variety will not leave you feeling that you are missing out on food whilst doing some type of a fad diet.